Monogrammed Fashion, Designer Dupes and Being On Trend Is What I Love Jewelry Is All About

Happy Thursday! I hope you are staying cool and hydrated and not melting. I’ve been MIA because we moved, adopted a puppy and have just been crazy since May but I’m back! I don’t know what it is but I love blogging even if not many people read it. There is just something about expressing myself through words. I can’t say from pen to paper but that’s okay because this is just as good.

I am not sure if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram but I love to support small businesses. My favorite business is I Love Jewelry The owner Jordann, is one the most beautiful woman I have ever met and it’s not just on the outside but on the inside as well. She started the business with the help of her husband, RJ aka Batman, designing jewelry and decided to monogram some of the pieces. It took off from there! Not only does she design jewelry but she also designs the BEST pajamas! If you love soft and comfortable then you need to grab yourself a pair. It doesn’t stop there, she also has an assortment of dresses, sweaters, the best joggers in the history of ever, bags, hair accessories and so much more.

I can keep going on and on but I don’t want you to lose your Thursday reading lol. I am so enthusiastic about this online shop because all the products are great quality with great prices and an owner that puts her everything to ensure you love every purchase. She is so in tune with her customers that her and her amazing ILJ design partner, Kaityln have their own show, Coffee Talk, Monday through Friday at 11am est on Facebook and Instagram. They go over everything new to the shop and offer a code for a daily discount on everything they show. How many companies get on that much of a personal level with their customers? Not many.

So onto the amazing products I have that you need!

First is my monthly subscription or MonoBox– each box comes with a monogrammed piece of clothing and 2 other fun surprise goodies, which can be jewelry, bags, etc.

May MonoBox
Monogrammed Dress, clutch and necklace

This dress is so soft! I was in love and have worn it so much since May. I am 5′ so it is a little long  but I used a clear hair tie and tied it up. I have received so many compliments and that makes me feel good that what I am wearing looks nice 🙂

My arms are at a constant bend so I sometimes feel uncomfortable wearing some styles especially one like this because it is a tank top but as soon as I put it on I feel in love. Cancer be dammed I will wear what I want 😉

That is another thing I love about Jordann, Kaitlyn, RJ and Coffee Talk, we have become an amazing community of women that we call ourselves the CTGirlGang and have a Facebook page that we use to help each other with sizing, family and just everyday inspiration to lift each other up. It’s about being kind and being there for one another. For some reason it seems that women have a hard time being friends with each other because we always feel like we are in competition with each other. That is not the case with the CTGirlGang, we are much more than pretty faces. Life is about being comfortable in your own skin and enjoying life and having people love you for who you are.

ILJ has brought us all together and now we are a group of girls who shop, have coffee, wine, tea, or whatever your choice of drink is and talk to one another on a daily basis so you never feel alone. Who would have thought that a love for all things monogrammed would create such a strong bond? Now onto some of the other amazing items I have bought or have been gifted.

Coffee Talk T-shirt

Coffee Talk T

This T-shirt is one of the softest materials I have ever put on my body. And you can’t go wrong with the color!

Weekender Bag
Weekender Bag

Weekender Bag

This bag is perfect for traveling especially since it comes with a travel cord wrap case and card case. I love that it is monogrammed 🙂

Feb Mono
Feb Mono Box of love

Heart Pullover

This was the Monobox and Swagbag from February. You can still get the pullover but the heart lounge pants are all sold out. If you love lounge pants you need to get yourself a pair from the shop. They are amazing and have such fun prints to choose from.

Feb style

As you can see ILJ carries a variety of great goodies. Jordann’s sense of fashion is amazing and she kills it with her designer dupes. And the BEST buy I have ever made is the Pajamas!

Happy Fall Pj’s

I love Fall so these pj’s were a must have. Everyday there are sales and lucky for me I was able to snab these at an amazing price. Even if they weren’t on sale they are a perfect buy for yourself or a gift. Happy Fall These get me excited for fall.

Summer Fun Time Pj’s


Summer PJ’s you will love these. They are soft and you will want to wear them all day! There is even a Just Jammies subscription that you can get an amazing pair of pj’s the 1st of every quarter.

If you love anything that I showed I say go check out the site and treat yourself. If you subscribe to anything you will become a VIP member and receive an additional discount off everything.

Now make sure to tune in Monday through Friday for Coffee Talk and get even more discounts daily! Everyday of the week is dedicated to something special so please check it out.

If you are a new customer you can also us my code to get a 20% discount!

Discount Code

and one last item lol, designer dupes are all the rage now because of their prices.

I am in love with this Gucci Dupe- aka Fucci 😉 and I chose red because I don’t have too many red items and thought this would be a great pop of color to so many things.

Gucci Dupe

There are so many dupes for amazing prices that once you get one item you won’t be able to stop! Dupes for today I wonder if you can figure out who the designers are 😉

Time to get off so I can play with the puppies and enjoy the rest of the day. Hope you have a great day and enjoyed this post.

If you decide to buy something please let me know and we can talk all about it. And be sure to join the GirlGang group on Facebook, just search # CTGirlgang and request an invite.








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